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Free bootable antivirus rescue CDs

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Recently, I went over a lecture about security issues of business information systems in our classes at Then I got a call from a customer, who is a friend. This client’s laptop was hijacked by malware/viruses totally and no work can be done on this machine. The Task Manager… Read more »


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If you are a student, or an entrepreneur, you should consider using Paint.Net. It is an open source software that you can download and use to create graphic images for your memo or report. For many purposes, you can use this software program instead of buying a software program like… Read more »

Clonezilla as a Disater Recovery Solution for SOHO

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It is my pleasure to recommend an open source software tool to IT students and entrepreneurs of small and medium businesses. It is called Clonezilla and can be used as a disaster recovery solution. Steven Shiau is the original author of this software tool and NCHC Free Software Labs, in… Read more »

Modify photos with Paint.Net

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This demo shows that one can use Paint.NET to modify a photo and save this copy under a new name. In this demo, we crop a portion of a photo and create a new photo of size of 160 x 160. Please click Maximize Icon to view at full-screen size.