Using 7-Zip to create a file archive for your website

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If you have a folder of many files and you want to put it on a website for several people to download, it can be very inconvenient for people to download one file at a time. 7Zip is a software tool that will make it more convenient for people to download.
Using the 7Zip, you can combine the folder into 1 single file with a compact file size. This single file can be placed on your website and it can be downloaded with a single click.

7Zip is a open source software tool with GNU Lesser General Public License, so you can download it to use at home and at your business legally.

You can download this software tool at . Select the exe file or the msi file if your computer is a Windows PC.

Here is a screen shot of the software.

7-Zip screenshot

To compress a folder, you can select the folder and click the “+” button. If you do not know about the format, you should select “Zip” as the format, since it is the most popular format.
To open the compress/archive, you can select the file and then click the “-“button, (or Extract button).
There are video tutorial on how to use the 7Zip software tool, here is one by Rodshean

Here are links that you can read more about 7-zip